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Biglaan Trip to Tagaytay

* Biglaan Trip to Tagaytay * when the cat's away mousie will travel and play

Hello super busy 2013!!!
Focus na magka-small business this year - yan ang goal for 2013 kaya cross out muna ang pagtratravel at pagRelax-Relax.. it means no time for our cheerful feet na maglamierda.
then after mga ilang seconds 》  hours 》 days 》 months 》  some good news came...
FINALLY!!! a much awaited break for us.....
Regine's mom has a 5 day trip to China hahaha!!! Shes kinda strict kasi thats why kpg out of town siya thats  the time na we can travel and play...  
Super rush ang pag-plan kung where to go and what we'll do kaya nagsettle nalang sa Tagaytay for the weekend since un ang pinakamalapit na pwedeng makapag - Relax ♥
0800 - left Manila 
1000 - brunch at Antonios Breakfast             *for commuters - jeeps bound to Nasugbu will pass by Antonio's*
Actually what we wanted to try is ung Antonio's steaks perow dito kami dinala nung jeepney driver, good thing rin since sulit naman…