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Le Creperie @ Rob Galleria

Le Creperie

Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crepe Complete (hot crepe).. not so yum!

Frozen Hot Cocoa
After her busy Sched at work... Crepe Date at Galle ♥
Cafe Monaco at Sekai, Ortigas

Beef Stew with Kimchi Rice


Bay & Liliw Laguna

1. Left DLBT Station bound to Sta Cruz (Right side of Buendia Lrt) at 1:00 Pm

2. Arrived at DLBT Station at Sta Cruz at 2:30 Pm

3. Jeepney Ride Bound to Nagcarlan (P 26) for Liliw (the shoe district)

4. Arrived at Liliw, Laguna at 3:20 Pm

5. Merienda At Arabella Coffee Shop

Not Baked Blueberry Cheesecake @ P 90

Hawaiian Super Crunchy Pizza

Chocolate Mousse Cake @ P 85

6. Dinner at Isdaan at Bay, Laguna

Bagong Saing sa Kaldero

Chicken na Niluto s Bamboo with Gata!!

Bentong Tapsilogan & Love Desserts (buffet)

(TUTUBAN MALL "2nd flr)

9 Years of bein together!! (Dinner Date at NACI)

CHEERS!!! to 9 Years of bein together!!

(Suprise!!! Dinner Date at NACI)

Naci comfort food and dessert bar
Location : Connecticut, Sanjuan

Appetizer : Beef Taco Spring Roll

Drink : Lemon Ice Tea

Best Seller : Nate's Steak and Egg

Peruvian Chicken Rice

Caramel Cream Cheese

Chocolate Ganache Cake

* i ♥ ü *

9 Years with Hun ♥

Happy 9 Years HunnieBhebie =*

Thank you so much ♥

Subic - Marina

Friday night when my sister invited me and Regine to Subic, she told me that her friend "Mr. Kebab" got a free accommodation from his Boss at The Villas in Subic. sbi ni sister we should claim it na tomoro (Saturday) cos it'll expire na so sayang naman madali nmn akong kausap go lang ako ng go basta lakwatsing...  so sabi ko game! so i texted Regine rytaway buti nlng pumyag ang motherly nya na sumama sha kundi alone ang beauty ko.. . I also invited my sisteret's BFF "khendy" and my mudrakels..

wala kami kaalam alam sa mga daan patunong Subic pero keri nmn un game nmn kami sa ROADTRIP!!!

1. After long hours of driving without lunch and stop overs & getting lost all over Subic.. hahaha!! Finally we arrived at the place with rumbling stomach yet happy & excited! =)

Expense :
Gas - 2500 Rt
Tolls - 45 , 173, 168, 22

2. After check in we dine at Aristocrat and had our desserts at Mochikko "my fave" =)

3. next stop Puregol…