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ILOCOS : Pagudpud, Norte and Sur - DAY 4

TRAVELLING by FEET :  ILOCOS: Pagudpud, Norte and Sur

Day 4 - ( May 22, 2012)   
When we checked in at Fort ilocandia Hotel, hindi maganda ang aming naging experience we dont know if its becos na nakatricycle kami pagdating.. pagpasok palang nmen sa entrance c manong guardia sibil nde nmn kanais nais ang itsura samin inshort nde sha welcoming nun nasilayan niya kami and nun nasa front desk nmn kami mababait nmn sila cguro kc nde nila nakita aming sasakyan na tricycle =)) and dun lang ako nakakita ng 6 people or more na tao s front desk ng isang resort/hotel na hindi magkanda ugaga sa 2 guest which is kami ni regine.. kami lang ang mgchecheck in cos hating gabi narn nun.. dis is my 2nd time n magstay in Fort Ilocandia nung unang beses is nung college days pa Tour nmen nun ng ilocos and nde rin magnda nging experience nmen noon.. nweis kami ay nagbalik kung hindi lang dhil sa voucher we got from beeconomic - P2999 for an overnyt stay for 2pax and also i want na makita ni regine un resort …

ILOCOS : Pagudpud, Norte and Sur - DAY 3

TRAVELLING by FEET :  ILOCOS: Pagudpud, Norte and Sur

Day 3 - ( May 21, 2012)    

0530 - Last day at Kapuluan .... woke up Early!!! Excited to see the Sunrise and TO SURF!!!!!!  0700 - No Sunrise cos of the Gloomy Weather and No Waves for Surfing  =( Aw""" MALAS!!!! 0700 - Breakfast
Longganisa w/ Scramble Egg The longganisa >>> mukha lang sha P**p pero tastes so GOOD!!!! ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

0830 - Check out Kapuluan Vista Resort
0840 - Tryk going to the Highway - *P60

1000 - Chona Bus to Vigan
            ♣ if you're going from Pagudpud to Vigan dont ride "Chona Bus - *P190" aka Super Bagal "tsk",
                Ride Florida or take Van to Laoag then Laoag (Partas) to Vigan instead - *P133
            ♣ Pagudpud - Vigan (4 hours of travel) but with Chona Bus, it took us 6 hours of travelling.. GRR!

1600 - Vigan!!!!
           ♣ Petron Gas Station - Cafe Uno / Grandpas -*P30 (Tryk)

Vigan Tour Map

• Kuya Richmond staff at Cafe Uno/ grandpa's v…

ILOCOS : Pagudpud, Norte and Sur - DAY 2

TRAVELLING by FEET :  ILOCOS: Pagudpud, Norte and Sur Day 2 - ( May 20, 2012)    
0700 - Breakfast Time (breakfast at 7 am - 10 am only)

0800 - Start of our Pagudpud tour with Kuya Lencer  but since there's no Signal for SUN Network we havent got the chance to talk / text, so on the day of our tour "no show si kuya Lencer". Good thing staff of Kapuluan Vista are nice and helpful they let us use the resorts cellphone instead ☺ (thanks to Kapuluan vista) to call Kuya Lencer, he thought that our tour is cancelled cos we didn't answer / reply one of his msgs but then lucky us, he look for a friend that is in the area to tour us!! =) we just have to wait for 30-40 minutes for kuya Butch (our new tour guide) to arrive and we can start our tour.
0900 - Kuya Butch Friend of Kuya Lencer showed up!! yehey!! tuloy ang Tour!!! =) ☛ Kuya Lencer # - 09068185735 ☛ Kuya Butch # - 09309232570
0920 - Start of our Tour with Kuya Butch via Tryk -P1200/ tricycle • (P 1200 for a tryk tour to …