hey its Valentines Day!

Feb  15, 2013

Oooohhhh......... Here comes February!!!!

Love month is here ♥

Lemme guess for guys this month is the most stressful of all months? cos of the planning, surprises, buying gifts, shopping for perrrfect clothes on what to wear & etc. while girls are excited for the surprises that awaits them... the gigantic chocolates, huge bouquets, life size teddy's, romantic dinner & of course to spend the day with their special one... 

For us? we spend valentoims different..

so our date happened san pa ba shempre sa kainan jan kami very good =)

we heard about this resto thru our friends and it sounds bonggabels sa mga kwntos nila, y not we give it a shot! dba? wla nmn mawawala... =)

para maiba naman we decided na itry. wen we got there super mega OA sa dami ng tao, hangang labas nagset-up na ng table sabagay maliit lang rin naman kasi ung space nila siguro 50 persons capacity or less lang ata..

so waiting na raw kami sabi ng staff pang 3rd kami sa line buti nalaang kinda mahilig makinig sa chismis.. we heard pwedeng magstay sa Serenitea which is near lang ng RUB then dun nalang nila iserve ung foodams kung ayaw mo maghintay kaya thats what we did kaya waiting is over... nakaupo kami agad pero pero pero u need to order rin sa Serenitea shmpre like 200 worth of drinks/ food so keri lang no more waiting for us at para mabilis kami makakain dun kami nagstay..

House blend ice tea - P110  ✩✩✩

Singles : Ribs + Mashed Potato + Spriced - P205
Grilled Fish  - kinda maalat ng sobra =(
we felt so bloated after consuming all of these hehe!! super sulit ung ribs nila its affordable and big servings pa but for the fish wala shang lasa puro alat lang hehe! parang in a bad mood ung nagluto baka walang date nun v-day hehe!

got a surprise from her - limited ed Royce! ♥♥♥♥♥

Thank you for tanayt ♥

• This day maybe just a simple dinner date but its a suppah suppah fun night •

Thank You!! ♥

Happy Valentines!! 
  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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