Here We Go > BAGUIO "Part 2"

1. 10:00 Am - Check out at Mines View Hotel and took a cab to Sm City Baguio ("para walang bitbit - ibinenta muna nmen sa sm ang aming baggage")
3. 11:30 Am - Cab again going to Grotto (P100* or less)

4. Cab again back to Session Road for our Lunch at Pizza Volante

5. 2:oo Pm - Check in at Chalet Baguio Hotel

6. 4:00 Pm - cab going to Camp John Hay (Entrance fee for the Museum P100*)
whats inside?

The Bell House Library Museum

Cemetery of Negativism
7. 5:00 Pm - Tree Top inside Camp John Hay ( closed at 5Pm =o )

8. 6:00 Pm - Walk • walk • walk until we reached The Manor Hotel took some pictures inside and headed to Mile Hi center for the Factory Outlets of (adidas, nike, etc etc) and Had our dinner at Little John's Convenience Outpost

9. 7:30 Pm - on our way for our next food stop "HOUSE OF WAFFLES ♥ " (note* super layo niya by foot from lil john's)


10. 9:00 Pm - Back to our Hotel....

-------- END OF DAY 2 ---------

1. 10:00 Am - early checkout at Chalet Baguio Hotel
2. 11:00 Am - early lunch at 50's Diner

Best Seller Meals =)
50's Diner Milkshakes is ♥

3. 2:00 Pm - Back to Reality... Back to Manila


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