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BAGUIO (Jan 21-23, 2012) "FoodTrip'n & Relaxation"
Part 1

1. 11:30 Pm - Bus on board at Victory Caloocan, fare is around (P455*)

2. 5:00 Am - Heller BAGUIO!!! =D

3. 5:30 Am - Welcome Victory Terminal Baguio, we reached baguio in less than 7 hours with 2 stop overs (i think?) haha...

4. Our first food tripp'n stop would be at Cafe by Ruins for our breakfast, we took a cab (P40/ P50) and we waited at Mc Donald's for the cafe to open at 7AM

7:00 Am - Cafe by the Ruins (Breakfast)
23 Chuntug Street, Baguio City, Philippines, 2600

( Sandwich / Burger) presentation is good but not so yummy =,(

5. At 9:00 Am - we're all full (burpie stomach) and ready for our first tour at Burhman Park (walking distance from the Cafe by the Ruins), after minutes of seeing the place we decided to proceed to our next destination ahahahha!! (what we did here? "walk and walk and walk" nothing interest us n this place and so we left =D)

6. 9:30 Am - Sm City Baguio, we waited for the mall to open at 10AM (♥ Shopping!!)

7. 12:30 Pm - Sizzling plate at Session Road for our Lunch (yummm!!!)

8.Viscoz Restaurant for Dessert!!!

9. 1:00 Pm - Back to Sm Baguio (Picture! Picture and bought some chips and water for midnight snacks)
10. 2:30 Pm - took a cab (Less than P100* cant remember) to Check in at Mines View Park Hotel

11. 4:00 Pm - Mines View Park & Good Shepherd Tour ( Walking distance from Mines View Hotel )

Picture with the St. Bernard (woof! woof!) (P20*)

Yummy Strawberry Taho (P20*)
Best Seller of Mines View Hotel "BIBINGCREPE" (i suggest the Corn Flavor Crepe. ) (P90-110*)

Carbonara Addict (P 100 - 120*)

Buffet Breakfast


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