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Just because we CANT wait for buses Bound to Tagaytay at Edsa Station (super haba ng Pila), we decided to go for a loooooong .......... RoadTrip

1. Jam Liner Bus Station at Buendia (Balibago)
2. Balibago Station to Tagaytay via Jeep at P40 ( 1 hr travel time)
3. Jeep again bound to Olivares (The Tagaytay Rotonda)

4. First Stop Bag of Beans, from Tagaytay Rotonda ride a Jeep bound to Mendez at P10 (Right Side)

 Bag of Beans

Chocolate Mousse

 Strawberry Cheesecake

 Caramel Frappe

Chocolate & Strawberry Goats Milk (the BEST)

2. Rowena's (  Blueberry Tart & Egg Tart ) üBer Yumminess!! 
    From Bag of Beans, Jeepney Ride bound to Olivares

Blueberry Tart ♥

Egg Tart ♥

3. Mushroom Burger.... from Olivares (Rotonda), take a jeepney bound to Nasugbu/ Hiway (left side)

Royal Burger P95 & Mushroom Burger P65 

4. Mochikko... From mushroom burger take a jeep to Olivares.. 
    it is located at the restos overlooking taal and infront of Buon Giorno Resto. =D 

New Flavors : Strawberry Yoghurt & Milktea! (yum!)

5. Take out at Army Navy before going home

6. Going home =,(
     we waited from 9:30 til 10:30 for buses bound to Cubao but as if Minamalas kame cos 3 buses passed pero going to Lawton sila lahat and we waited until 11:00pm by then we gve up hahaha!! wla na tlgang Bus so we decided na magLONG..... Way ahahahha... no choice eh, Jeepney Ride bound to Palapala in Cavite (1 hr or less travel) then Bus (NON AIRCON) to LRT Edsa!! atlast NAKAUWI rin =))

So for those of You who'll be travelling to Tagaytay *just a simple reminder.. WAG PAPAGABI ahahha  =D

*Buses from Tagaytay to Cubao/ Lawton is until 10:00 pm only*
* Jeepneys from tagaytay to Cavite is until 1:00 am only*


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