ILOCOS : Pagudpud, Norte and Sur - DAY 2

TRAVELLING by FEET :  ILOCOS: Pagudpud, Norte and Sur
Day 2 - ( May 20, 2012)    

0700 - Breakfast Time (breakfast at 7 am - 10 am only)

 Coffee  ✔ (nomnom) they brew their own coffee

Milo Drink (nothing special)

Fish ✔ ala daing
Longganisa & Special Scrambled egg ✔
0800 - Start of our Pagudpud tour with Kuya Lencer  but since there's no Signal for SUN Network we havent got the chance to talk / text, so on the day of our tour "no show si kuya Lencer". Good thing staff of Kapuluan Vista are nice and helpful they let us use the resorts cellphone instead ☺ (thanks to Kapuluan vista) to call Kuya Lencer, he thought that our tour is cancelled cos we didn't answer / reply one of his msgs but then lucky us, he look for a friend that is in the area to tour us!! =) we just have to wait for 30-40 minutes for kuya Butch (our new tour guide) to arrive and we can start our tour.

0900 - Kuya Butch Friend of Kuya Lencer showed up!! yehey!! tuloy ang Tour!!! =)
Kuya Lencer # - 09068185735
Kuya Butch # - 09309232570

0920 - Start of our Tour with Kuya Butch via Tryk -P1200/ tricycle
• (P 1200 for a tryk tour to north and south + P100 for our Saud Tour)
Kuya Butch Contact Details

List of the Pagudpud Tour *P1200 / Tryk
• First Stop Patapat Viaduct •

• Agua Seda (cold water from the Mountain) *P25 / Pax •

Agua Seda
• Paraiso ni Anton •
• Bangui WindMills •

• Cape Bojeador / Lighthouse ( Reg w/ Kuya Butch our tour guide)

• Cape Bojeador / Lighthouse •

1320 - Lunch Time - with Kuya Butch
(Lutong Bahay - First Class Isda in Sinigang, Sisig, Salted Egg, Soda and Banana *P244)
Hilmar's Lutong Bahay

• Kapurpurawan Rock Formation (30 minutes walk / ride a horse at *P200-300) •

• Too lazy to walk? Ride a Horse *P200-300 •
Horse for Rental

• Bangui Windmill View Deck •
• Welcome to Pagudpud  •

• SAUD beach / Boracay of the North  (Terra Rikka Resort, Apo Idon Resort, Evangeline Resort etc)
If you're looking for a place that is for partying go for Saud =)
if you're looking for a quiet place & just to relax go for Blue Lagoon
Saud Beach

Kabigan Falls
 *P 10 / Person Entrance & *P100 for Tour Guide
• Kabigan Falls (30 minutes or more Walk) •

If you're tired, hungry and thirsty cos of the long hours of walking don't worry many residents are selling food on the way to Kabigan Falls (buko juice,biscuits, banana-q etc) or simply bring your Baons =)

After Long Long hours of Walking
Finally!!!!! Cold Water from the Mountain =)

Us w/ Kuya Tour Guide from Kabigan falls

Us w/ Kuya Butch 

Loving Nature!!

* there is no Restrooms or anything at the area so better wear your swimwear*

Swim Time Yehey!!!!!!! (Cold Water)

• Bantay abot Cave •

1900 - Dinner Time!!

Alma's Margarita again!! - ADDICTED ★★★ - *P125 Buy 1 take 1

Burrito - Pescado (Fish)  - *P325 ★★★

Steak - *P450 ★★★
Buko Shake - *P60 ★★
KVR Punch - *P125 Buy 1 Take 1 ★★

Ice Creme Crepe ★★★ - *P 215 (über yummyness!!) OUR FAVORITE!!!

End of Day 1


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